Chat for grownups - CITY HEAT, the palace.
The Palace is a 2D graphical chat environment, on individual hosted
servers, which allows the user an unparalleled means
of expressing him/herself thru avatars (pictorial represtentations ),
different "rooms" (depicting different scenes to chat in ie: a beach, a theater,
a city street, a hotel room etc.)

CITY HEAT is the ultimant "singles palace chat " to
meet people 18yrs of age and older.

To download the software and read more about
the palace in general, check out the more
"children oriented" website, called  , BOOKMARK this page so you can return here,  then MINIMIZE this page, and
click on ENTER CITY HEAT  HERE to take you to
the BEST of around 250,000 palaces for adults to meet adults.

While CITY HEAT contains adult content, it is not pornographic, but
due to subject matter of some discussions, and some rooms, age is 18
and over.